Yes, I would love to be a philanthropist. Apparently capital is a needed asset, and I am working to get there.
In the meantime, I like to elaborate theories and thoughts, to collect and share information and good practices on philanthropy and surroundings.
Philanthropy (from Greek φιλανθρωπία) means, literally, “love of humanity”, in the sense of caring, nourishing, developing, and enhancing what it means to be human. If you are wondering ‘how does philanthropy work?’ this is the section for you.
You can find research carried out during my doctoral studies at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and past and current research projects carried out at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, where I work. If you are wondering ‘Do philanthropists make our world better?’ we can join our efforts to find an answer. I start from here.
Enjoy your philanthropic reading!


Articles on Philanthropy


  • Immagine1The marriage of Lady Philanthropy and Mister Impact

    Yes, I know, this does not sound like breaking news. Some say they have already got married since long (not with a lot of clamor), others that they are a long established couple anyway. Does the ring really matter? Whatever the case, we all see that after years of turmoil, the couple is now at […]

  • mela-rossa-1Foundations: Data & Comparisons in a 2018 Special Issue

    How many special issues on philanthropy and foundations have you seen in the last years? Not many. Still, they are increasing! The effort of building a research environment on philanthropy and foundations is bearing fruit. Not yet the sweetest one, but still, fruit, thus healthy and promising! Glad to have participated in such an effort […]

  • CASTAGNO-ALBERO-CopiaFuturo, filantropia e bellezza: benvenuti nuovi donatori

    Ci sono alcuni momenti nella vita in cui il pensiero del futuro diventa dominante rispetto agli altri tempi: non si rimpiange il passato, non ci si lamenta del presente, ma finalmente si è più portati a chiedersi cosa potrà farci felici più in là, più focalizzati su un orizzonte lontano e più motivati a mettere […]

  • Wellcome TrustDown to the nitty-gritty of foundations’ grant-making

    A call for a “science of philanthropy” has been published yesterday on Nature by the founder of Giving Evidence, Caroline Fiennes. Once again, the need of sharing information and publish data about philanthropic giving models and solutions, failures and successes is coming out loudly from experts and practitioners and not only from researchers. Despite a […]

  • carnegie_at_desk_700x400-minWatch out! Spend-down foundations are changing the meaning of impact

    Who wants to live forever? Not spend-down foundations, apparently. The so-called “spend-down” foundations are those which see their leaders committing to spend their capital rather quickly to achieve maximum impact, as opposed to the concept of “in-perpetuity” which refers to the fact that foundations are meant to exist forever. Let’s start with the latter. Since […]

  • Nuovo Presentazione di Microsoft PowerPointGiving good news, or good news on giving

    A new year has started and, like every turning point, reports on the state of the art of philanthropic giving and estimates for the future abound. But hey, you know what? It is ALL good news – some countries are even producing reports and estimates on their actual and future giving situation. For example, estimates […]

  • img1fThe Philanthropic Bee – CONTEST #wannabeabee

    Bees are extraordinary animals. They suck part of life to generate life – the pollen is taken from flowers and plants, to nurture other flowers and plants. Pollination is indeed a fundamental process for the life and beauty of our Planet. They operate in an organized, entrepreneurial and systemic way – think at hives and […]

  • 8185-01-decision-making-word-cloud-picture-1Foundations’ decision-making

    In recent years, private foundations have gained considerable relevance in global health due to their increasing presence in both financing and policy-making. Despite this, the question of how these actors make decisions on their funding priorities is under researched. This is where I decided to focus my doctoral studies at LSHTM in London. The aim […]