Foundations: Data & Comparisons in a 2018 Special Issue

How many special issues on philanthropy and foundations have you seen in the last years? Not many. Still, they are increasing! The effort of building a research environment on philanthropy and foundations is bearing fruit. Not yet the sweetest one, but still, fruit, thus healthy and promising!

Glad to have participated in such an effort and now working for the next one…

Please enjoy reading this special issue from the American Behavioral Scientist.


Toward a Comparative Understanding of Foundations by Stefan Toepler

Foundations in Italy: What Roles and Challenges? by Elisa Ricciuti, Alex Turrini

Foundations in Spain: An International Comparison of a Dynamic Nonprofit Subsector by Marta Rey-Garcia

Comparing Swedish Foundations: A Carefully Negotiated Space of Existence by Filip Wijkström, Stefan Einarsson

Foundations in Germany: A Portrait by Helmut K. Anheier, Sarah Förster, Janina Mangold, Clemens Striebing

Foundations in Germany: Higher Education by Janina Mangold

Foundations in Germany: Social Welfare by Sarah Förster

Foundations in Germany: Primary and Secondary Education by Clemens Striebing

Foundations in Germany: Culture and the Arts by Helmut K. Anheier, Clemens Striebing

Foundations in the Netherlands: Toward a Diversified Social Model? by Theo N.M. Schuyt, Barbara M. Gouwenberg, Barry L.K. Hoolwerf

Foundations in the U.K.: Organizations and Nations in a State of Flux by Tobias Jung

Foundations in Switzerland: Between the American and the German Cases by Georg von Schnurbein, Marybel Perez

Foundations in Russia: Evolving Approaches to Philanthropy by Lev I. Jakobson, Stefan Toepler, Irina V. Mersianova

Foundations in the United States: Dimensions for International Comparison by David C. Hammack, Steven Rathgeb Smith

Foundations in Canada: A Comparative Perspective by Peter R. Elson, Jean-Marc Fontan, Sylbain Lefèvre, James Stauch