I generally follow the rule that ‘a good idea can come from anywhere’. This is why I read a lot, travel a lot and meet a lot of people - especially for work. For this reason, I come across a whole bunch of good stuff on interesting topics, which may be related to social sciences and research, or not.
I like to give visibility to those who deserve it. This is why this section may contain reflections on articles which I find interesting, links to interesting data from all around the globe, calls for action, and much more.
This is just the ideal section if you are wondering… ‘What else?’

Articles on...What else?

  • Screen-Shot-2012-06-28-at-8.45.48-AMAbout pillow-talks, numbers and Professor Rosling

    I was at the second year of my PhD when my friend Rik popped up in our PhD open space, smiling as usual, and asked “Hey guys! Are you going to the lunch seminar today?”. “Which seminar?”  someone asked – while I was thinking that nothing would have been so interesting to drag me away from […]

  • a-book-a-week-imageOne Book One Country – #1book1country

    I love reading in any form. I love long novels and short stories, textbooks (less), papers (much less), poems (a lot), comics, and others. Thank to my friend Eva Lien, last year I came to know about an intriguing initiative. What is it? It is a way to travel with your imagination, to know about […]