Whether for undergraduate, graduate students or executives, teaching is a real passion for me, and a job. Yes, I am lucky.
Studies show that the quality of teachers is the single most important factor affecting student performance. I believe so, and I had the fortune to have excellent teachers in my life. So I take this job very seriously – hoping that not only the performance of my students will be high, but their satisfaction and their passion.
I teach with the hope that whatever use they make of their knowledge, it will be for good.
I teach with the hope that an open learning attitude will never abandon students in their life, even far from books.
If you wonder about the topics and targets of my teaching experiences, then you are in the right section. Not only you can find information about the courses, but about all my teaching experiences – including features on teaching methods, reflections on students’ feedbacks, innovations in teaching which I find interesting and much more.

Articles on Teaching

  • Immagine1The marriage of Lady Philanthropy and Mister Impact

    Yes, I know, this does not sound like breaking news. Some say they have already got married since long (not with a lot of clamor), others that they are a long established couple anyway. Does the ring really matter? Whatever the case, we all see that after years of turmoil, the couple is now at […]

  • productspacepciThe greatest learning gift: being at ease with complexity

    This year has gone and one of the richest experiences it brought along was the first edition of the course Nonprofits & Philanthropy. A class of 43 students, aged 20-22, from 14 countries, 5 continents: a global course, indeed. The first lecture starts with a slide titled “The nonprofit sector” and the Big Question suddenly […]

  • gessettiOne Little Boy

    This poem has been given to me by a very special person long time ago. She is a Norwegian teacher. We used to work together at UNESCO, in Bangkok, in the Education Department. We were involved in the “Education For All” movement for South-East Asia and the Pacific. Even though this section will focus on […]