The Philanthropic Bee – CONTEST #wannabeabee

Bees are extraordinary animals.

They suck part of life to generate life – the pollen is taken from flowers and plants, to nurture other flowers and plants. Pollination is indeed a fundamental process for the life and beauty of our Planet.

They operate in an organized, entrepreneurial and systemic way – think at hives and the miracle of their existence.

And, if pollination sounds not enough fantastic to you, bees generate sweet and nourishing products from their tireless work – such as sweet honey and beeswax.

This is how I see philanthropists.

To have the capacity and skills to unearth the good side of different things – in the chaos of good and bad we live in.

To work hard with patience, competence, imagination, respect of rules and collaborative attitude – well beyond “just” good intentions.

To act with a very clear objective in mind – to generate good and useful things.

Now, don’t you feel you wanna be a bee?

If yes, you can participate to this contest. Write me an email with your story – a story of you, acting as a bee: Finding the good side of things, working, elaborating, imagining how to use it, and producing something new which is even better – or, equally valuable, just transferring the good you have found in one place to another place, to nurture something else. I’ll collect all stories. We can build a hive of these stories.

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The contest is open. Can’t wait to read you all.

Good luck!